Accessing Chat History After Teams Meeting

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My business uses Teams for classes.  If a student or admin does not attend class, they do not have access to the chat history.  It says we have temporarily joined the chat.  In the past, students who had not attended the original meeting could use the link to join the meeting after the fact and access the recording in the chat.  This is no longer possible.  Is there any way to ensure that anyone with the link can view the chat and access the recording?  I am aware that the recording could be downloaded by someone who was there and uploaded again but that does not always work out.  Thanks.

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Hi, access to meeting chats has changed for security reasons. The easiest way to avoid this situation is to add the participants to the meeting invite. People who are included in a meeting invitation have access to the meeting chat, before, during and after a meeting, even if they don’t attend the meeting.

It's all explained in more detail here