Accessing a Teams Meeting

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I have two Microsoft Teams accounts a personal account with 365 (so the paid version of Teams) and a work account which is the free version of Teams. Note: both accounts use the same email (I suspect this maybe the root cause of my issues).


When I create a meeting using my personal account all is good in terms of access. When a 3rd party invites me to a meeting I have problems access the meeting via my App. (I've been onto Microsoft Support and they reloaded the App but I still have the issue). I've tried clicking the link, "Join via a meeting ID" but nothing seems to work. I have access via the web but that seems to be a bit hit and miss, some time it works and some times it doesn't.


I only have this issue on the desktop, I can assess meetings via my phone using the Teams App without a problem. This isn't ideal for sharing screens etc., so really need to resolve this issue on my desktop.


I just want to be able to consistently access meetings either via my personal (paid) version or my work (free) version. At the moment I actually don't know until I try (and often fail) to join.


Any advice/things to try would be great. Thanks in advance,

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