About auto-status update in Teams or show specific icon

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Dear all,

Is it possible to show status as a "Connected via VPN" in Teams while connected VPN or show specific icon while connected VPN ? I just want to Teams will understand connected method. If Teams works on office/standart network it will show standart status but if we are connected via VPN it will show specific status or icon.


It will be very useful for understand user working at office or outside the office for us :)


do you have an idea or solution ?



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Hello, unfortunately there's no such feature in Teams but you can always set a custom status message informing about your connection (top right corner). If you'd like you can provide a request for the feature at Teams UserVoice or search for something similar already there.
Hi Christian,
I would like to automate, not a maunally. Thank you for response.
Then the only option you got is to request that feature as mentioned above.
I gave you a vote ;)