Ability to schedule a chat reply in Ms.Teams according to the receiver's availability (status check)

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I often wait for a person to stop "presenting" or get out of the "focusing" mode before feeling comfortable sending my chat. In most cases, if Ms.Teams is set up correctly at the "org" and the "user" level, things should not be an issue. But those users might be presenting or sharing with another software, for instance. It would be great to have the ability to send the chat, which would only then be delivered if and when a specific type or set of conditions matches, such as:


  • user is "available" again (to respect work-life balance).
  • user is not "presenting" anymore (to respect confidentiality).
  • user is not away (to avoid disturbing them during their time off).
  • user is not in a meeting (to avoid sending while they potentially share on slack). 

For instance, it could be a clock CTA instead of the camera one (or nearby). 




Any thoughts on this? Are there any MS plans on this that I might have missed? 

Thank you


PS: I submitted my feedback here too:


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Just to make sure you've already seen the Schedule send feature: https://office365itpros.com/2022/09/21/teams-scheduled-send/
I know your ask goes beyond what's currently available, and we will hopefully see some improvements after this initial release.
@VasilMichev super cool! If only Microsoft could add my wishes on top of this for the next release ∆∆
And since Microsoft announced that you will be able to schedule messages based on the receiving user's business hours using Viva I think that your suggestions should be the next step.
This might be a TAP feature already ;)

@Microsoft Team, would this be doable, please? Thanks