Ability to Mark Messages as "Read" and "Requires Follow-up"

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In Outlook, I can flag messages and/or not open them until I have time to read them. In Teams, if I open the Team Posts, even if I don't read the post, by opening Posts, it marks the item as read. This causes me to miss posts. It would be helpful if I could visually mark the message as read instead of Teams doing that for me. Additionally, I am project manager. There are posts that require me to do something but I cannot do it at that moment, it would be helpful if I could visually mark as message as "requires follow-up" so that I can return to the item later. Saving isn't helpful as Saved Messages have to be accessed via the Saved menu and their is no visual marker that the message has been saved. I want to be able to scroll throw my posts to see which I have read and which require follow up. It would be helpful to add to the activity window items "not read" i.e. those I haven't marked as read, and "requires follow-up" so I can easily find all the posts that require follow-up.


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