Ability to delete Activity and Chat items?

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Im not seeing a easy away to delete left tab Activity - Notifications/Recent entries.


Nor do I see a way to delete left tab Chat entries.


Is this even available? Or planned to be released at any point?


Would be nice to keep it nice and tidy.





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I can at least confirm that it is not available at this point.
Agree, I cannot find a way to delete activities or chat entries on the left side of the teams app

Agree - Our users are looking for the ability to close/X out of a chat (1:1 or private group chat) when they are done and no longer need to see it. However, they still want to maintain the history when they re-start a new chat with the same set of users. Either add an X to the chats on hover or add it to the 3-dot menu alongside Favorite.

would be great to delete chats that are no longer relevant

BIG +1 on this one.


This could be extremely valuable, and I find it a big potential problem with Teams.  If you can set a 24-hour delete window (per the FAQ HERE), why not more?  What about optional moderated threads?


If Team Owners get a 'this doesn't belong here' session that they want to manage, or (worse) if a member posts inappropriate or sensitive data/content to a large or public team that could be a big problem and a real turn-off for adoption/usage.


If a group has spent a lot of time/work on a team and we have to delete the entire thing, then they certainly won't be happy. If it can't be done via the Teams app then possibly via Powershell? I'd imagine each conversation would have a GUID, so we could target the GUID and delete it, no?


Doesn't seem possible right now.  Any update on this feature?  


I've checked User Voice and found 1 thread from Dec, on which I've commented/voted.


Slack does all of this nativley, this is a terrible mistake not to have this baked in. I cannot promote this product right now as it sits to my team.

Need option to remove chat from left menu. It is becoming crowded with outdated chat sessions. You can start by allowing me to remove the T-Bot chat too.

Well it is now August and still it seems impossible to delete chats that are no longer necessary. This is pretty weird, or at least it feels that way to me.  Any form of ETA on provision of this feature?

September and deleting / closing out out of old chats is still not available...

Anybody know if there is a plan to get that feature added at all?

Also seeking an update here. I'd like to start using this for the entire organization but not until we have the ability to remove them - there are far too many people to get started without this function.


thank you

I would recommend using the favorite function for keeping your chats organized. You can do this by hitting the ... next to a chat and hitting the favorite.


Cleaning up old chats would be nice, but as I have found out with all O365, adjusting your work flow slightly can typically achieve your goals.



Hello Microsoft.  It is now Nov, 2017 and you still haven't created a way to remove outdated chat, ...so what is taking so long?

December is here, winter is here but something so simple like close this chat is NOT HERE.

There was a recent update to this item in UserVoice: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/17208092-let-us-delete-chat-th... - Please be certain you've added your .02 to UserVoice to any feature requests you have as this is where the team formally tracks them (and makes updates/announcements to). 


Thank you!

Click the ellipses and select 'Hide' to hide your chat. To unhide just create a new chat with the initial person and you will see your previous chat messages. If you want to continue to see the person in your chat list click the ellipses and select 'unhide'.


Hope this helps

What is also annoying is when someone posts a message and then deletes it, it reamins in the Activity feed so you click on it but it goes nowhere.  Sureley delete should be delete?


I agree there has to be a way to delete chats completely

Although you can hide it but when you go to open up a new chat 

The history of that chat keeps coming back.s

There should be a function to delete as well rather hide

Or perhaps in the settings clear history like IE.