A Team for Employees over 60 years of age


Hi! I was wondering if anyone has created a Team just for employees over the age of 60, as a way to get them adopted to technology and Teams. Or maybe even a Yammer community instead? Just looking for ideas. TIA

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Hi @Paula Flores!


It's great that you are considering the needs of your less technically inclined users. I'm not sure that creating a Team for your employees above a specific age is the right way to go about it, though. For one thing, these individuals are not likely to appreciate being singled out as needing extra help. For another thing, a person's age is not a determinator of their technical ability. 


Our organization has recently launched a "Super Users" program, where we identify one or two individuals in each department who have demonstrated good technical ability and a willingness to assist their colleagues. With their permission, we've let the users in their departments know they can come to these individuals with their technical questions. We've created a Super Users Team and use it to share tips, send notifications of upcoming changes and collect feedback about challenges users are seeing.


So far, it has been working out well! I would recommend trying something similar in your organization. This way, any of your users who need a bit of extra assistance will have someone within their department they can come to with their questions.