A proposal to get Teams client without clean cache requirement

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Are you already tired to the solution what even Microsoft itself gives for us:

1. Exit Teams

2. Clear the Cache

3. Start Teams.

4. Problem solved.


I have no idea why I should start asking our end users to start learning how to clear Teams' cache to get it work. Yes, you can write automatic scripts and codes to get this done automatically. Others has been also asking if there could be a button on Teams to clear cache. Wouldn't be better to fix the problem itself?


Could we ask a better quality for Teams from Microsoft?

So I wrote a request to User Voice: Can we get Teams client which could survives without clearing cache by user 


Lets not go back to time when reboot was a professional way to fix issues.

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@Petri-X Hello! This is a great initiative. But there's a UserVoice with many votes already so I would suggest that people vote it up instead! (usually they merge several similar as well).



Hi @ChristianBergstrom 

Yes, I know. But that is what I would like to avoid, I don't want to get buttons/scripts to clear the cache. Because then there are still those unresolved issues in Teams. Users are still suffering troubles until they press the button. And also, then the next question is, how often they should press the button?


So what I'm hunting is, asking Microsoft to improve the cache management on Teams client and avoiding these situations.



I get it! I will vote on it. But as I mentioned it will probably be merged into the top voted one (or handled separately). Cheers!



Thank you for your voting :)


Obviously adding button [Clear Cache] would be 10x easier for Microsoft to solve this as we all can do that. In Finland we could say: "Go over the fence from where the fence is on lowest level (or already falling down)."


Let see how this goes :)


Take care and be safe !

This proposal is moved to the new platform:

Fix Teams and Remove Clearing Cache requirement 


I really wish Microsoft could get the cache issues fixed, instead of having workarounds.