A new, regular-version of Skype Add-In for Outlook 2019? MS Teams to initiate Pre-Pay Calling Plans?

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Is a "regular-version of Skype" Add-In available for Outlook 2019? And/or a "Pre-Pay option for Calling" in MS Teams?


Since the Business Version of Skype will be completely phased-out later this year, and MS Teams does not yet have a PRE-PAY OPTION to make computer to landlines and mobile device calls (like personal-version Skype currently has), it would be so nice to be able to assign Appointments and Meetings to Calendars with the regular version Skype in Outlook like the Business version can already do.


I have been a user of the regular version Skype for ages now. And I have spent tons of money on credits to make calls with it. But my usage varies so wildly, that a monthly-pre-pay subscription like MS Teams has would not work for me at all: I make dozens of hour-long calls in one week, and then nothing at all for several weeks, and then a month or two later even more calls than the last time. It totally varies. And, therefore, need the pay-as-you-go option that is available in regular Skype in MS Team - and/or - an Add-In in Outlook 2019 that allows the creation of Meetings and Appointments in the Calendar Pane.




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