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We are holding a virtual conference and are exploring the possibility of using teams for both oral and poster sessions. In an ideal world all participants would be in a team. What would you recommend the best way to do this is? So far I have tried having a channel for each session and adding a 'wiki' tab that allows the upload of photos for posters. The positive is that the photo can be commented on and the comments appear next to the poster, so a conversation is easily found. However, the 'posters' are easily deleted. Is there:

1) a better way to upload that allows comments (using files doesn't allow individual files to be commented on and the comments remain with the file)
2) a way to stop the tab being edited other than comments once everything is uploaded 


Another idea we had would be to have a channel for each poster so a discussion can be held there, but depending on the number of posters this could be a lot of channels to navigate through! 


Any suggestions on the best way to do this would be great! 





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Hello again, @lucyroberts   Microsoft just released its virtual events playbook; you might find it helpful.  https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams-blog/the-microsoft-virtual-event-playbook-and...