911 Emergency address and iphone Teams app

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Testing 911 with Teams app (via 933) using Teams and Operator connect.   I have user emergecny calling policy enabled to use external location lookup.  On the iPhone (15), I also have location services for Teams enabled and precise location "on".     


When I open the Teams app, the map correctly shows the location; I allow it to be used.   I dial 933 and the address it determined is indeed correct, but it says "low confidence" and would have gone to screening center.   


I've tried a few different things and from a few locations with same result - the address/location is identified correctly, but 933 test call still  says it was low confidence.   I can't figure out why or how to get it to be recognized as a "valid"  address to not go to screening center.

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Following. We are having the same issue. Have you figured out a solution? @stacyv9898 

Hi stacyv9898, did you also configure the Network Topology and Networks & Locations correct?
Its important to configure all network ID's for all subnet and also the correct trusted IPs (public IP) under Networktopology. You can store your Teams logs and look at the calling logs for emergency loation to see everything is correct.

You should find something like this with also the geodata for your location
Networks and Locations known:
Network 1:
"ipv4": "",
"ipv6": "2001:9e8:e2d8:de00:a383:c999:cbad:5c6f",
"mac": "e0:4f:43:8f:0e:e8",
"subnetLengthIpv4": "24",
"subnetLengthIpv6": "64",
"isCallingPlanUser": false,
"geoCoordinates": {
"accuracy": 76,
"latitude": 53.6599,
"longitude": 10.0972