4 chat notification won't disappear

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I have joined MS Teams today. On a machine running Windows 11, there is a chat icon in the taskbar, and it is constantly showing a badge with "4" in it, indicating there are 4 unread messages.


However, as I just joined, there is only one chat "room" and I have read every message in it. Filtering unread chats by "/unread" does not show anything. Does anybody have any idea what it could be? I've tried reinstalling the app, or signing in with another device, phones, and via web (teams.microsoft.com), but was unable to find unread chats anywhere.

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Seems to be a caching issue or an issue at all in the activity feed. Unfortunately there is not much you can do here to remediate the issue apart from removing Tems Cache or even reinstalling as you have already done

Conversely how do I make the badge show up?  I switched to a new laptop and now the badge telling me how many new messages I have doesn't show up.  @Juan Carlos González Martín