365 groups are missing e-mail connection

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Hallo community,


multiple 365 Groups created via Teams do have a different behavior. In Short older ones cant be integrated as a group in Outlook and no e-mails are send to the group mailbox.


If I create a new Team or 365 group everything works as intended.

The old groups are not hidden from exchange but I cant join them in outlook. If I try a message to the admin is requested but could not be sent. In my opinion because I had allready joined. 

Both type of groups are configured exactly the same via the Exchange Admin Center.


The problem seems to be that the old groups are not connected to E-Mail App. But I cant find any setting or solution to correct this.


Any suggestions?

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Hi Steven,

I also have the same problem. I would like to know how to add the missing apps ( mail, calendar, Groups, etc) into the old private group. If this problem not fix, members in Teams Channel can't receive email meeting invitation.



Hi, I can't find a solution either. The only way seems to be recreating the groups. But migrating all the data, especially from the conversation is a pain. 
I am still hoping for some genius who solves the problem.