3-digit Autoattendant dial for 5 digit extensions?

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Is it possible to set up an autoattendant to do 3 digit dial by extension for an actual 5-digit extension?


I have a customer migrating where his original AA allows customers to dial three digits and they are later expanded to 5. (i.e. user dials 101, and it goes to extension 50101)
I was thinking that I could put "x101" in one of the extension 50101 user's  AD attributers (ie. Home Phone = x101, while ipPhone = 50101). 

Is it possible, Can I do it without messing with the users OnPremLineUri or sipURI?



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@arielroza  I can only point you in the direction of the official documentation and hope others in this community with more experience can give you detailed instruction.  Or you can try contacting answers.microsoft.com for personalized tech support.


Set up an auto attendant for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

@Therese_Solimeno The official documentation was my first read on the subject. And it does not cover any of this with enough depth.