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Is there a way for me to set up a link where I can click on it and it will allow me to join a Teams meeting as a guest? I am trying to set up a page for advising where students can click on a link that will allow them to join a meeting with an advisor, with no need to log in. I have seen it on a site, and I want to know how it can be done. 


So the process would be:

1. Student sits down at computer

2. Student goes to site, finds and clicks on advisor link

3. Student connects with advisor

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Hi @Michael Bussey


1.) Set up the Teams Meeting
2.) In the meeting options, set everyone can bypass the lobby
3.) In the Teams admin centre, ensure in the meeting settings that anonymous join is on
4.) Set the link for the meeting (which can be copied from the meeting booking) into the webpage you want

Anyone can join that teams meeting who clicks on the link. Even if they haven't got the Teams client, or Microsoft 365, they will be able to login via the web browser. Edge or Chrome recommended

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thank you for the feedback! It looks like that will work out. The only problem I'm having is getting notified that a meeting has started. So for example, when a user clicks on my link to join my meeting, I don't get notified that someone started the meeting and is waiting for me to join. Is there a workaround for that? Basically advisors will be doing some work, then when a student wants to have a meeting with them, they get notified that a meeting has started and then can join.

I have this same request, almost exactly the same as the subject line. Is there a way to 1-click start a MS Teams meeting. Currently there's a schedule the meeting, add teams, Open the invite to join the meeting.  


I am wondering if there really is a 1-click, and MS Teams would handle all those other clicks and creations? It's basically like Zoom's "New Meeting" button, which handles the launch, and load into the Zoom meeting with 1 click. 


Hi Jeff, 


We want a 1-click solution as well, but when the user clicks on the link it should call up to five people simultaneous. Here is why: 


We have a big touch screen in an unmanned showroom. If a person clicks on the screen and wants a video meeting then it should call up to five of our employees from our other department. The first person who takes the call can then help via the video call.


If we can find a solution where they can have the call / video call from both their computer and their smart phone, it would be great. 


I hope it makes sense.


Is it possible? 


Kind regards, 
Henrik Skov