1:1 chats in Teams, files appear in the chat but not under the files tab within the chat...

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We have recently had issues when sharing files in Teams private chats. The documents are uploaded fine and they show very clearly within that chat window, however, when selecting the files tab within that private chat files do not show. 


I have quite a few chats in my queue, some of them have files in the files tab, and some of them do not. Is this some sort of sync issue? Or are there settings that need to be updated in the admin center? 


This is very inconvenient - having to scroll back in time and find a document is not a user friendly experience.  

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@amnicmorgan We keep having this exact issue in my organization. Any update on this? Any idea how to overcome it? It also happens in group chats, it happens in chats that belong to a meeting and it happens in chats that belong to a specific team space. Its super annyoing.



did you ever manage to fix this? having the same exact issue with one user in one group chat, no files are showing for him in the group chat, but are for everyone else. They are in his onedrive though under 'Microsoft Teams Chat Files'


what is going on?


Both my organization and several of our customers have the same problem. Is there really no fox to this problem yet?

So.... today is the day we get the fix.......


What is the fix? Is there a link you could provide me? 



We face the same problem - it also blocks me from sharing an excel (cannot select from files list) as a new tab - frustrating

By any chance have you tried Quitting the Teams app and re-opening it? This sounds like a clugey cache issue to me. That would be what I would try . . . not closing and opening the app. Not logging out and logging back in. Right clicking on the icon in the system tray and select Quit. Wait 30 seconds and restart the app and see if clearing the cache solves the problem. It's similar to that saying . . . when in doubt reboot! I have seen where I had one user who had to Quit AND reboot in order to clear everything for oddities that occasionally occur in Teams.

Hoping this solves your issue.



Hey - thanks for the suggestion. I've tried all of that. Quit reboot - I even cleared %AppData%\Microsoft\Teams.


The file is available in the chat - not in the overview of the files - some files are visible - some not


Also strange I have 2 folders with "Microsoft Teams Chat Files" on my onedrive. Once in English - once in Dutch. Files that are visible in my "Files" tab from the chat come from both subdirectories ....

I know this thread looks like it has been going on for a while, but I see in the Admin Health reports that we have had an outstanding issue that is known and being worked related to not being able to see all of your files in Teams. It appears under Teams as an advisory with the title "Users are unable to search content or view files in the Files tab in Microsoft Teams" if you or another admin can look it up. This started 2/10 and is ongoing at this time. I wonder if the issue will go away when this advisory clears.



I think there might be three different issues mentioned in this thread, one of them is covered by the current advisory.


issue 1: File tab in chats does not display / list recently shared files at all or only after days of delay (this is the current advisory)

issue 2: User cannot see any files in Teams Desktop app, but their browser interface does show them. (should clean the Teams app cache to resolve).

issue 3: User cannot see any files in Teams, neither through desktop app, nor browser interface, while other users can see the same files. User cannot login on OneDrive desktop client but can do everything through OneDrive Online. (Seems to occur on accounts that have at some point been recreated. Still have an active case with MS support to investigate this one.)

Have these issues being present for the last year?
Also experiencing them issue 1.

@PMITCHELL1965 I am not sure... I haven't gotten any more reports myself. And TM242990 has disappeared from the admin center already so I assume that issue was resolved.
I reckon any issues with viewing files through the Teams desktop client anyone has right now are most likely related to issue 2 I mentioned above. (To solve it, clear the Teams app local cache and check the OneDrive client for any issues.)
Issue 3 was resolved for us by MS Support just last week, they had to run a back-end repair sync on the affected accounts in our tenant, so your last resort is to work with them to get an investigation going.

Hi @CMD_KEEN, I can confirm we still have issue 1, even within the online interface.

I have the same situation, can't see the files on files tab.

I 'm not able to add a Excel tab, because I can't find the file I shared...

Have you any estimative to fix this?


Thank you

@djfernandes I see MS has extended their advisory, you should have an admin in your organisation check this page for all details: https://admin.microsoft.com/Adminportal/Home?#/servicehealth/advisories/:/alerts/TM242990




To solve this issue in Files Tab 1:1 chats, requires SharePoint and OneDrive to allow for Anyone and links to be set with Anyone with a link.

I think this broke when the following feature was implemented.

FEATURE - Create a file request - OneDrive (work or school) (microsoft.com)

On our TEST system we fixed this but we prefer the higher security for now on our Production cloud.




Quickest and most effective workaround we have discovered at our company is to simply rename the document in question and then re upload it to the group chat. Once we did that, the document appeared in the file tab in the group chat.

No idea as to why this issue happens in the first place, it could be a matter on where the document is stored on the machine from which it was shared. I.e. Onedrive, sharepoint etc... and the document could be locked to anyone besides the person who created it in the fist place.

But downloading the document locally and renaming it allowed everyone in the chat to view it once again.