1-1 Chat for guest access Issue


Hello everyone,

We are Microsoft Partner and we have enabled Guest access to chat and converse with Microsoft (MS) guys.
We were able to chat with one person at MS (via MS email address) but today another person with MS email address and its showed “We didn’t find any matches” this message.
1-1 Chat  with MS Account.png


then we tried to use Skye for business and it showed
Mr. John is not using Skye for business. For a richer experience, switch to switch Teams or start a Skype meeting.

Skye for Business  Switch to Teams.jpg
What could be a potential issue?
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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Ok! Since you are using the guest feature to first do a invite then doing a chat, it seems that this other person either hasnt been invited or accepted the invite! Check your guest users in the AAD portal!
Although you should be able to do external chat as well (federation) but since you can’t find an external user either maybe the first one is a guest user and the other one isn’t?? Maybe check your external settings:

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Did it show Search [email address] externally as in the screen shot below at all?




If so, select this then send a message; it should pick them up if your tenant permits federation.


Federation through this option may be a better way to converse with the MS representative if all you need to do is chat privately.




Best, Chris