1:1 calls, user is muted as soon as PSTN ringing starts

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This only occurs on certain headsets, and started for our users after yesterday's Windows patch went out (10/19/2021). We're on Windows 10. User has Bose headphones; haven't confirmed if they are certified device but they've been working great until yesterday. 

Now when the user makes a call in Teams via PSTN (we have direct routing), as soon as the call is initiated the user is put on mute. This is a 1:1 phonecall initiated by the user, not joining a meeting where the client mutes you (and notifies you). 


When the user joins another meeting or makes a 1:1 call to another Teams user, it works fine. It only does this when it interprets that it's a phonecall, and the bluetooth headphones put it in mute.


Has anyone else seen this, or know of any controls in the Teams app that can control this?  There is no error, it's just a default behavior that I think should be changed, or there's a bug somewhere. The user can only tell because they can see their microphone icon showing it's muted, as soon as the call starts. They have to manually unmute their phone call (that they just initiated) every time they call out to PSTN or anything across Direct Routing link. 

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@Chris Smith which Bose Headset? Only the 700 UC is Teams certified when using it's dongle, your description sounds like the sort of thing that certification ensures works properly.

@Chris Smith 

Same here with my Sony WH-1000XM2 BT headset.

@Chris Smith

I'm running win 11 and I have the same problem with VOYAGER LEGEND Bluetooth headset....however I connected my headset to my collogues win10 machine and it works fine.

I also tested my collogues headset ( Voyager 5200 )on my win11 machine and same issue occurs.

@Chris Smith I can confirm I'm seeing this with my Bose QC35II's. While they aren't certified, they have been working consistently up until recently.... I don't make a great deal of PSTN calls so can't pinpoint exactly when the behavior changed. A client I was calling picked it up a couple of weeks ago, which would be in line with your patch timeframe.


Controlled changes on my end are pretty much limited to a Windows 11 upgrade and standard patching, though it would appear that it's not a Win10/Win11 issue by the comments here. Also seems to be multi headphone vendor by the comments too. 


As for certification.... well, they're Bluetooth headphones.. and if our users who persist with standard Apple iPhone headphones without certification can work , these should too (as they did before).

@davetaylor_nuago  I am seeing the same issue.  It started months ago but I have just had time to research the issue.  It looks like this still have not corrected the issue 6 months after they introduced the issue.

@vtohio I'm getting the exact same problem, Sony WH-1000XM4's.

Really wish MS would suss this out and release a fix!

I am facing same problem as the OP, seems a solution hasn't been found?


This is a new issue, but it happens every time I make a call

@Chris Smith 

Same issue with Logitech H800 Bluetooth wireless headset. Only happens when using the bluetooth option. These headsets also come with a USB nano receiver and the issue does not happen when I connect via the nano receiver.


It is something to do with the bluetooth connection.

@Chris SmithI have the same problem with my JBL bluetooth headset.

It was working fine until a few weeks ago for the last year since I started to use the headset, and now I have to unmute the micro almost everytime a place a phone call. So annoying.

I will come back onhere as soon as i find a solution.

@Chris Smith  if that helps: it is true that it goes on mute when it's a phone call, but only when there is no switchboard in the between(direct call), otherwise calling thru switchboard with options to choose etc before to be connected it works fine (my experience so far).

Same Issue. Windows 10, Sennheiser PCX550. Maybe this is Microsofts way of telling us to buy certified only, too bad I wont.

Having same issue with the Jabra Evolve 65 headset which is supposedly a certified headset. Is there any fix for this yet?



Having the exact same issue with a Poly Sync 20 Teams certified speaker. It only happens when making a call to an outside user, the mic is automatically muted. When calling an internal user there is no issue. Teams software and Poly Sync 20 firmware is fully updated, running a Windows 10 machine.
Same Issue here with Jabra Stealth UC Started late March 2022. Anyone opened a case with Microsoft yet?

@Chris Smith 


Same issue with Beats Studio Buds for the past 2-3 weeks. All outbound calls are automatically muted. No issues with internal calls or meetings. 

@Chris Smith  I've been running Windows 11 for months and never had a this issue until recently.   It's so annoying because I keep forgetting to un-mute myself.  My headset is a Bose QC35 which I've been using for years without an issues.  I've tried traditional plug in Apple AirPods, issue still happens.  I've also tried the Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset that is MS Teams approved and it still mutes the call.  I've gone through all the settings and can't find anything.  Has anyone found a solution for this yet?




Same issue here. This is very annoying. I hope MS will at least acknowledge this issue

This problem also happened to my Jabra Engage 75. It was working properly until 6-9 months ago when it would be muted as soon as a voice call comes in.  My computer's OS is Win10.

I created a support ticket with Microsoft and they made a post on the feedback portal. Upvote it if you are having issues so they get more priority.