✏️ How to inline edit fields in Microsoft / SharePoint Lists


Using ListView and Column formatting in Microsoft / SharePoint lists is possible to take advantage of the attribute inlineEditField which gives the chance to change immediately the value of a field.
This capability allows to edit the content of a list without opening the item or clicking on Edit in grid view.

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@Giuliano De LucaThis appears to work in some fields in a list view but not in others;  it's as if there's a limit to how many columns can be configured with this feature.


Example:  I have a list with two multi-line text, two choice, one single-line text, and some other fields.  I've configured the inlineEditField JSON for the two choice and two multi-line fields, but it only works for the two choice and one of the two multi-line fields.

Hi @Cyd_Davis are you sure that the field name that you are using is correct?
There is an issue where if the field is not visible on your Input form, the inlineEditField will not function properly. Text field value will be erase, multi-choice fields will quickly blink and disappear, etc. To workaround to keep the field hidden on your Input form is to first add it to the input form, then add a conditional formula that will always return False like =if(1== 2, 'true', 'false')