✏️ How to inline edit fields in Microsoft / SharePoint Lists


Using ListView and Column formatting in Microsoft / SharePoint lists is possible to take advantage of the attribute inlineEditField which gives the chance to change immediately the value of a field.
This capability allows to edit the content of a list without opening the item or clicking on Edit in grid view.

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@Giuliano De LucaThis appears to work in some fields in a list view but not in others;  it's as if there's a limit to how many columns can be configured with this feature.


Example:  I have a list with two multi-line text, two choice, one single-line text, and some other fields.  I've configured the inlineEditField JSON for the two choice and two multi-line fields, but it only works for the two choice and one of the two multi-line fields.

Hi @Cyd_Davis are you sure that the field name that you are using is correct?