Top hits and Hit highlighting in Autosuggest is now available for you to preview


Feature description

Top Hits introduces a new section at the top of the suggestions well where the most relevant results, across domains, for a given query are represented

This feature is envisioned to reduce time taken for a successful search, as well as benefit the user through better task completion, especially for result types situated lower in the suggestions well.

In addition to Top hits, users will find more relevant results and fuzzy matching capabilities while searching for Teams, Channel and Groupchat suggestions

Hit Highlighting in suggestions will make it easier for a user to understand why a particular result is included in the suggestions, and allow them to find what they are looking for, faster.





Flighting status

Available 100% in Public Preview channel

How to enable your client for Preview

Step 1: IT admins – read instructions here

Step 2: Users – read instructions here


How to enable the feature



Known issues


Known limitations



How to provide feedback

If you run into any issues report them via your Teams client à Help (bottom left) à Give feedback

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