Teams Shared Channels (Preview): Unable to access file or other apps

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I am configuring B2B Direct Connect and Shared Channels using two QUAL/Lab tenants.


Everything goes fine, I can see the Shared Channels in the destination Teams clients but I cannot access Files or any other application, only the Post tab is accessible.


Any idea? Thanks!



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Difficult to say. How long since the config? I would probably go through the direct connect setup one more time making sure all is good in both tenants with the respective inbound and outbound settings properly configured, including the applications settings.

@ChristianJBergstrom It is deployed from a short time. 


I will review everything again to ensure there are no missed or wrong configurations. Anyway, it is a bit strange that the Shared Channel work but is tab which is failing.


I will be back with an update, thanks :)




I had the same experience. Since that every shared channel is created as a SharePoint site, which means the SP policy must be defined for "Anyone" access that isn't the default one.


To see the policy settings  ,  under the Policies ==> Sharing==> External Sharing.



All members of Shared channels including external members have access to files in the SharePoint site associated with the channel unless admin explicitly blocks it via external sharing settings. Please test it again and raise a support ticket if you need further help.