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Please post all your Teams Connect shared channels questions and we will endeavor to answer them all as quickly as possible. Your trusty Microsoft Teams engineering team is here live for the next hour to respond and engage with you on any comments, concerns, problems, suggestions, questions, or confusions related to your Shared Channels experiences in Public Preview.


What is Microsoft Teams Connect shared channels?

With Microsoft Teams Connect we are making it easier to collaborate with anyone outside your organization. Teams Connect is designed to let you establish seamless, secure and trusted collaboration across multiple companies in a matter of minutes, where everyone can work as one extended team while staying in their own Teams environment without ever needing to switch tenants.  Teams Connect shared channels enables you to collaborate with people internal and external to the organization from a shared workspace.


When can we use Shared Channels?


Shared Channels are currently live in Public Preview. Shared Channels are on the Roadmap to be Generally Available in July 2022. Microsoft Teams: Teams Connect shared


How do we learn more and get started?


Seamless external collaboration with Microsoft Teams Connect, shared channels - Events | Microsoft D... 
Shared Channels for users 

Microsoft 365 admin center


Thank you everyone for joining us today and I look forward to your posts!!!

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Created a shared channel in a team in my CDX 'Contoso' tenant, shared to myself and a few others in our company tenant. From my corp teams, added a tab to SharePoint Pages, chose Home, it prompts for my company account which I choose, then it gets an error Selected user account does not exist in tenant 'Contoso'..... account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. This does not seem like correct behavior?
Hey brkcanada can you please clarify if the shared channel is shared with members in other tenant or everyone is from the same tenant?
The Contoso admin shared the channel with me and a two colleagues in our corp tenant (same tenant). So only Contoso admin and Softlanding me, two colleagues.

@brkcanada Is this SharePoint home page in the site of the shared channel, or some other site? Adding a tab pointing at SharePoint doesn't grant permissions (in any channel type).

It is in the Contoso shared channel site. Issue arose when clicking the tab from Softlanding team app. I can navigate the site and content though (from Softlanding team) which is interesting so it succeeded inspite of the error when chosing my Softlanding account.
Hey brkcanada can you please file a support ticket with exact steps to repro and the error you are encountering.

So far my understanding the channel is shared between two tenants
1) Contoso tenant - Home tenant where channel was created
2) Softlanding tenant - Invitee tenant with which channel was shared

When you access the SharePoint site directly from Softlanding tenant it works but when you access it via a tab app it gives you an error
The following doc states that guest user can't be added to shared channel but in my lab, I was able to add guest user who has redeemed to shared channel, is it expected please? Thanks.
Guest users are not supported on Shared channels. Just to be sure when you say guest this user has (Guest) next to their name