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Date: Monday 1st February 2021

Time: Please save the attached calendar invite. 


Note: (Optional) Please join Teams Public Preview channel prior to joining the meeting :) 

13 Replies

Will this be recorded? It's not the best time in Australia

We don’t know if we are allowed to but will look into it.

Thanks for checking, it would really be interesting to either receive a recording or a summary of the discussion / presentation.


@Kaushal Mehta (LYNC)   There is an error in your message..It says Date:  Feb 2nd, but the ICS is Feb 1st..

thanks for catching - fixed - it's Monday 1st Feb, thank you!


How do we join Teams Public Preview channel?

Looking forward to it !

Was it recorded?, I wasn't able to attend the meeting.


@David_Bonache_365 the recording can be found here for you and others not able to join in that meeting: Teams Insiders: Preview Features Sync | February 2021 - Microsoft Tech Community