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Hi All,


We have a situation where we have created a shared channel in an existing team and shared it with the existing team. The parent team has 150 members but the shared channel is only picking up 103 users. I can understand some of the users are guests so therefore would not be added but it is also excluding members from within the tenant. I can also not add these users by directly sharing and get an error "We ran into an issue. Please try again later"


Has anyone seen this behaviour?


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Can't say I have. Same issue if using Teams on the web? Could be as simple as it's still in Preview and therefore you'll stumble across some unknown buggy behavior.
Hi Michael,

The only time that I have encountered that in the past is when members haven't actually accepted the original invitation to the parent Team? "Members" are different to "Users" from what I can figure out. They will still show as a "Member" as you have invited them, but look at when they were last seen in the Team, that is sometimes a clue. I have around 25 "Parent" Teams with anywhere between 100-1000 "Members", but I know for fact that not all of them have accepted the original Team invitation. What your shared channel might be showing is the number of actual "Users" of the parent Team? The other time I have had this is when "Users" are trying to access a sub-channel via a link they have been sent, to the registered email address on the Parent Team, but they are logged into Teams with a different account email already. So when they follow the link sent to, Teams is trying to open it as They need to log out and log back in with the correct account usually. Please remember the PICNIC factor :)

Hope that helps :)