Shared channel does not show every message

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We have a shared channel which is shared with multiple teams. There is a problem with showing some posts in this channel.

Some of my users are seeing the post on their mobile app on their phone, but not in the teams app on their laptop/pc.

It's not all the posts, just a few of that channel.

Is this a known issue?

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Hello and thank you for raising this question!
No, this is not a known issue. Please use the desktop app to send us more information on this, if possible, from the accounts that are experiencing the issue. To do so, click on the Help button on the lower left, then select "Give Feedback"

Please include as much detail as possible, including how many people can and cannot see the content, how many different teams, any other details that might be relevant. We will use this to investigate what might be happening and hopefully fix the issue.

Thank you for your dedication and help in this matter, and please continue to add details or ask other questions here as well!

Any news on this topic? We experience the same issue on several shared channels.