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Since I received the menu update (new settings and profile menu) for my Microsoft Teams desktop client in the beginning of the week the option to turn on Public Preview disappeared from the menu. Now I'm only seeing the option to turn on Developer Preview. Has anyone else run into this problem? How to solve it?

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Yes, I'm facing the same issue as well - ever since the build with the new settings and profile menu was updated. I cannot see the Public Preview option; only the Developer Preview is visible.
Am having the exact same experience since the new settings update, is this expected behaviour?
Same here. Also, somehow it's managed to become "unchecked" and I'm unable to re-enable it.
Same issue exists across multiple tenants. It seems issue with recent changes.
Same here, I dont see the public preview option anymore after update. Only developer overview, but I cannot start the developer overview. Now, it seems the preview feature is missing. Windows native notification is no longer available

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The same for me. Since I have the update for the new menu, the Public Preview Function is no longer available.

Same here

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Same here... however my co-worker still has the settings and is gloating the new dynamic view options...  :(

Seems like Microsoft has rolled back part of the update as I'm now back to one single menu. Public Preview is now back in the menu also...
Yes same here, back to what is was before.
Ditto. I'm seeing the old interface and the public preview option. Looks like we will need to wait a little longer.
Same for me... had 2 updates this morning and now interface is back to being under my account icon and both developer and public previews are checked. Testing new features such as dynamic view and transcription. Version is now
I just updated this morning, version is I dont see the dynamic view
I had that same version after the first update check, then I forced a check again and it prompted me to refresh one more time. After that I had the updated version (9293) and the new features enabled.
Just updated. Thank you
just updated to the (9293) version, but I dont see the new features. Where do you find the dynamic view?
Dynamic view is automatically enabled and you can change the layout around in the normal menu options during a meeting. Your tenant also needs to have the new feature rolled out, and you need to ensure the user's Update policy has public preview enabled, if not already.
OK, I have the public preview enabled. Anyway, I think I would wait for the tenant to roll out new feature