MS Teams Public Previews and services agreement

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This is great news that we are able to make some tests before the full rollouts. But gew questions came to my mind

1. How is the service agreements with preview phase products? Are the user data still handled in a same way as regular users? Some time ago, there has been differences on this.


2. If there is a problem which cannot be solved by our own hands, how do you recommend to get support for it? Is the regular support organization able to give support for preview users?


3. When enabling the previews for Teams what does that covers? Does it automatically enables previews for SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive as well. As Teams is heavily depended of these services.


4. What is the correct way to stepping out or cancel from the preview? For example this page: Enable public preview speaks only about how to enable the preview. How to make sure that my computer is back to regular user mode, is reinstallation required?

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1) yes - handled same way
2) no regular support and SLA apply with preview. Please use "give feedback" in-client
3) Just Teams. The backend M365 workload dependencies are still prod environments
4) You can switch between Preview and current channel. One caveat - we don;t currently support build downgrades. ETA: Later this year.