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Will Microsoft be looking at releasing an MS Teams Lite version for business?

Our organisation use Remote Desktop servers, so we don't use any of the audio/visual aspects of teams, literally only for collaboration, and it' be honest, one of the most memory CPU hungry applications we use; to the point, we're looking at something like Slack as an alternative.


A lite version just used for chatting/collab would be amazing.


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I would like to have this version with only calling and messaging
Would definitely love to have this. Honestly, of the 1.5+ years with team, have never found a use case for anything except text, calls, and screen sharing. Whatever SFB (Skype for business) had was more than enough for us. So, a team's lite version is definitely something that our entire organization would be looking forward.
there is now MS Teams 2.0 that seems to be faster

@LucaSain how to get this? am currently on

@LucaSain and less resource hungry too I hear. 
I don't have access yet :(

@Frex68 @LucaSain  Just curious to know if there is an official release of this 2.0 version? I was reading through the documentation here which shows how to get the early access but not sure if that would have option to move to a specific version! Do let me know if you guys get some insight about this.




@harishankar_ultiweb There is Skype for business that have memory footprint of less than 20% (62 MB!) than Teams. Teams is bloated to the point that I wonder sometimes what does it do... or is it some kind of distributed processing?

Anyway - teams in browser startup like few seconds. Teams as an desktop app, startup like 13 sec to logo, 22 sec to chat, getting of 35 sec total. It's so slow to the point that I use PWA.

PWA had full screen meeting that allowed to get real full screen experience (no bars whatsoever,  on meeting we could have native resolution of presenter without scaling down that blurs fonts etc.), but MS took it away so desktop app wont be "less".

Development of this app is not focused on customers that's for sure. 

And, yea, most organizations right now are looking for the replacement - 0,5+ GB of memory and high CPU  utilization during startup and operation hogs so much resources that during call it is starting to rival with VS during compilation.

One could wonder... where did we make a bad turn... when Skype/IRQ were taking a fraction of these resources, gave tons of configuration features and did not impact performance of 1GHz single core systems.




It can be downloaded from


Someone already posted instructions on how to bypass the "You're here early!" screen which you can take a look at