How would you transition existing external People to SharedChannel?

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We are currently having around ~1000x Guest-User (B2B Collab) and would like to switch to Team-Connect (B2B Direct Connect), so they do not have to switch Tenants anymore. Where would you start, after doing all the preparation (Federation) on the Tenant-Level:

- Switch them Company by Company / Switch them Team by Team?

- Will they still be able to access existing Files, Discussion, Channels?

- Where do i have to pay attention?

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Teams Connect Shared Channels is sharing at the channel, and those channels need to be created as Shared Channels. You perhaps can have vastly fewer Teams housing multiple shared channels each (50 is the limit during preview).


As each will be new channel none of your existing content will be available in these new Shared Channels, unless you copy across files etc.

We would definitely need an Adoption Guide for this, What to do with existing Guest, existing Files, points to pay attention to...
- How do I Enforce MFA for External User but not for Guest User?
- How can in convert or prepare an SharedChannel so I can switch from a PrivateChannel?

@stefanwey-umb you enforce MFA in exactly the same way you would for guests, through conditional access. If it's already configured then it will work already.


There is no conversion, shared channels need to be created from new. You could copy across files etc. from another channel, but you can't migrate conversations. At the moment it's best to see it as a clean start.


I have been thinking about writing a script to translate the membership of guest in a Team to a Shared Channel (in another Team) and come up with a sort of methodology that can be applied in this case, something for when I get some quiet time.

As i have seen it is not possible to Enable MFA for External User but not for Guest User trough Conditional Access, Can you verify that?


And also the Sign-In Log for External User is confusing as the Filter "Cross tenant access type=B2B direct connect" is not really working... , When you open the Row sometimes the Field is empty but it has been filtered somehow. And "Cross tenant access type=None" does include "B2B direct connect"?