Getting kicked out of Microsoft Teams developer preview when computer is idling for a while

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For the past week, every time my computer goes to idle for more than 30 minutes while opening Microsoft Teams with developer preview enabled, I get kicked out of the developer preview and I need to manually reenable it to access developer preview features like I never enabled it before. Similar issue is also happening in my brother's computer. I have tried updating my Microsoft Teams to the latest CD build that I retrieved from yesterday, but the issue still persists until now. So I wonder if it is an issue with my Microsoft Teams installation or if it is a bug that's affecting many users right now. For your information, my current Microsoft Teams version is, that I retrieved from the same link I posted above.


Thanks for helping out my issue! If you have questions, feel free to ask below.

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Now I'm just guessing here, but it seems likely that every time you force an update by using the above link you're leaving the update ring to which you belong. Hence when your Teams app is idle and the client does it's own background checking for ring/available version you end up with another version/back to your ring. Is that something you could verify when being "kicked out"? You would have to look in the Teams log (right-click on Teams icon in taskbar).

As a general approach you shouldn't tamper with the version as the Teams app will take care of that itself. Teams is simply not as other software where new features are controlled by latest release, but rather decided backend OR by using the Public Preview/Dev Preview. The former is controlled by a the Teams update policy and the latter by the Teams setup policy. They are pretty much the same thing.

On very few occasions this hard force is done to make a new feature appear more promptly, the more official way to "force" though is from within your client by checking for updates.

Hope that makes the whole thing a bit more clear.

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