Download the latest Teams Preview Client

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Does a machine-wide Teams client (MSI) exist for public preview or is it limited to the individual EXE?


The latest MSI installer I can find is 28779, but I want to test features from December.


Please let me know where I can find the preview clients




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@drbenak I have something which might be of interest to you in finding the latest client versions (Windows and Apple) for Teams.

I use this website alot : Microsoft Teams | WhatPulse
And it tells me the latest clients being used in the wild.

I can also manage to download the latest version of Teams Client myself using a known URL and then changing part of the URL to match the latest version of Teams mentioned on the website I provided in this post too.

Here is the URL I found for the Teams clients :

url 32bit = ''

url 64bit = ''


All you need to do is change the version number in the URL to match the latest version that the website "Whatpulse" has found in the wild and then you can copy and paste the URL in to your browser and press Enter.  Then the download of Teams starts and you can install it.


Hope this helps you in some way ;)