Connectors for Shared Channels?

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Will connectors and tab apps and bots be ultimately supported in Shared Channels?  Right now, I'm needing to add Incoming Webhook connector to a shared channel that is shared with other members of the org (internal only).

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Also, what about bots and chat message apps - and even "Meet Now" - will these be eventually supported in shared channels ?  


Thought I'd find a workaround using MS Flow automation but fails to find the shared channel there too..

Hello, and thank you for the question!
Currently there is a limited list of supported Apps available with shared channels, as seen here:

Also note on that page there is a link to resources for enabling your apps to cross-organizational collaboration.

We are working to expand this list as well as the other capabilities you mentioned. The final list and how each is supported is still being worked on, but know that we are working hard to enable as much as we can as soon as we can. Please stay tuned!


We really want the functionality of the "Incoming Webhooks" connector in a shared channel. The linked documentation states that connectors (of any kind) are not [currently] supported in shared channels (as opposed to "apps", which are supported on a case-by-case basis). Is there a foreseeable future where this changes?

If not, I'm open to other methods of sending automatic messages. Are there any existing apps supported by shared channels which can replicate the functionality of the "Incoming Webhooks" connector?

I'm sure there's a technical reason for these limitations, but that's a pretty significant omission in the usual channel feature-set, severely reducing their usefulness. From a customer perspective, I expect a shared channel to be identical to any other channel, just with the added ability to invite non-team members.

The message is almost a year old. Is there any update to use the incoming webhook in the shared channel? I am very affected by this problem....