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I set up a Microsoft Teams free account back in 2021 using my personal Live account. For convenience, I granted my work account access. 


I rarely check the mailbox for my personal live account. Recently, I was having issues loading the Microsoft Teams site. I checked my personal mailbox and found emails saying I need to log in to the Teams account before December 15 2023 to keep it. D'oh!


Is there any way to get the free account reinstated? I have the main document libary synced with OneNote, but my computer only has the file stubs. I don't need any chat history

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If your Microsoft Teams free account is at risk of deletion due to inactivity, and you want to reinstate it, you should follow these steps:

1. **Log in to Microsoft Teams:**
- Log in to Microsoft Teams using your personal Live account, which is associated with the Teams free account.

2. **Verify and Confirm Activity:**
- Once logged in, navigate to the Teams app or website, and actively use Teams. Open a channel, send a message, or interact with the platform to confirm your activity.

3. **Check Emails for Confirmation:**
- Monitor your personal email associated with the Live account. Microsoft may send you confirmation emails regarding the reactivation process.

4. **Access OneNote Content:**
- Since you mentioned having the main document library synced with OneNote, ensure that you can access your OneNote content. If you have file stubs on your computer, syncing with OneNote should retrieve the necessary data.

5. **Confirm Account Status:**
- After logging in and using Teams, check your Teams account status. Confirm that it's active and not at risk of deletion.

6. **Contact Microsoft Support (if needed):**
- If you encounter any issues or if the reactivation process doesn't proceed as expected, consider reaching out to Microsoft Support for assistance.

Please note that Microsoft's policies and procedures may evolve, so it's advisable to check the official Microsoft Teams documentation or contact Microsoft Support for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding account reactivation and potential data retention policies.

Remember to act promptly, especially if there's a deadline mentioned in the emails you received, to avoid any unintended account deactivation.
Thanks @ProSolutions. The site I originally created was on "Classic Microsoft Teams free". It looks like this service was discontinued in April 2023. On top of that, they have decommissioned the Teams site in December 2023 due to inactivity.

I was actively using the site, but primarily through the OneDrive Sync client. It looks like that was not enough to prevent the site being decommissioned. Their email mentions that I need to log in at least once every 90 days.

Microsoft did send email notifications about decommissioning the site, but unfortunately I don't check that mailbox often.

Thanks for the suggestion to contact Support. They are investigating options, but I suspect I have left it too