About Microsoft Teams (free) end at 2023/4/12

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About Microsoft Teams(Free) will end at 2023/4/12, is there any suggestion for the condition for company user?

Thanks a lot.

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@耀彰 許 

When Microsoft Teams Free (Classic) gets retired in April, there are several options for the existing users and you can read more about those in here:

Microsoft Teams Free (Classic) Retirement | Microsoft Teams


The new Microsoft Teams (free) will not be retired and is in fact a good option to continue using Microsoft Teams as a free user.


Miikka (Teams PM)

Thanks for reply. As I know, if I use previous team free version, the data can not combine to new microsoft teams (free), does it right?
Yes, this is correct.
Noted, and thanks
Unfortunately, not only it may affect those for work using the free version or the WSP version.
It started to act up for personal use, mine is in an infinite loading loop.
Tried removing the cache folder, relaunch both the Teams for Work & Teams for Home, Teams for Work has not had any issue connecting, but Teams for Home just keep in infinite loading.
Tried repair, reset & lastly uninstall then install only Teams for Work, managed to get the "Add personal account" option & get it connected, but the chat pane is empty, even the input boxes are not there for the existing chat contact or when making a new chat, nowhere to input.
Once that's closed & relaunch, the option changed to "Teams for personal use", that'll just launch Edge to open the web app.
If proceed to install Teams for Home, infinite loading screen again.
Reported this to Microsoft Support, waiting for update.


Are you experiencing these problems on Windows 11? Or were you able to get the issues resolved?


Miikka (Teams PM)

It magically resumed normal loading the next day after reporting to Microsoft Support.
Nothing else was attempted, it just resumed to normal loading... hence, unknown what happened to it, but likely to be Microsoft's end that caused it.
We had one customer just move to WhatsApp Business and ditch Teams all together. They figured if they had to lose all their chat history they would just move to a platform that's not as resource intensive and offers better performance. These guys don't use anything in Teams other than Chat/Calls so WhatsApp Business does everything they need with full compatibility with WhatsApp Personal. I'm not sure I agree with their decision, but I understand their frustration.

When MS first introduced Teams, we had one customer with PCs that just couldn't handle the 1.0+GB of RAM Teams insisted on using so they literally went to Facebook Messenger to chat with employees. I almost had a heart attack when they told me, but I understood their frustrations. They still use FBM to this day and aren't interested in moving back to teams even though they now have PCs that are more than capable of running their Office 365 version of Teams.