Webinars - Registered participant access to the Chat/Recording

Iron Contributor
We use webinars regularly for offering teacher professional development. The registration feature has been a welcome addition. However, we are running into an issue with the access to meeting chat and resources. Due to the changes made to access to meeting chat (Roadmap 68853) making it so anyone not added to the event as an attendee is automatically removed from the meeting chat at the end of the meeting, registered participants also lose access to the meeting chat and meeting recording at the end of the meeting. This is the case even when the Meeting Chat is 'Enabled'. It would seem to me that registered participants should be treated in the same way as invited 'attendees' to a meeting if chat is 'enabled', so that they can follow-up with questions, follow links and files placed in chat related to the event and watch the recording. If the meeting options, set chat to 'In-meeting only' then registered participants should automatically lose access to the chat after. Aside from manually adding the registered participants as attendees to the meeting after the fact, any workarounds to this? Any plans to change this behaviour?
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