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Hey liebe Community,


kann ich einfach den Link zu meinem Team mit den Studierenden teilen und dann zur Vorlesungszeit meine Studierenden anrufen?

Alle einzeln einzuschreiben wäre ziemlich viel Arbeit bei 200 Studierenden.


Viele Grüße :)

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Hello @Alina_and_the_kitcats,


Sharing the link to the team will not add the students. There are options to add users in bulk but will require IT support / skills.


Option 1 - Use the Add-TeamUser Powershell cmdlet to bulk add users. This is a one time load and will require ongoing user management by the instructor / site owner.


Option 2 - Use School Data Sync (SDS) to provision and keep your class rosters in sync. This takes effort on your IT department's part but maybe worth it in the long run. The SDS team is great to work with.


I hope this helps.



@Alina_and_the_kitcats  Alternatively, when you create your team, you can generate a code and share with your students to join the Team you have created with a code. Check out this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OrvBsHEEhc