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Hi. My classroom loves working in Microsoft Teams Classroom. As a teacher, is there a way to view all assignments for a single student? As it is now, from what I can tell, you can only collect data on a student's assignments by going through each assignment.  If there isn't a way to select a student and view all assignments just for that student - this is a feature we need...along with the ability to filter by turned-in / returned / etc.  Thank you!

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Hi! @DanRose

Currently the functionality doesn’t exist but there is a uservoice open for it here.

Would recommend you vote and get as many to vote on it as possible to get Microsoft’s attention.

To note recently at BETT 2019 Microsoft have announced an overhaul of the assignments here

So it may come in that.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Has there been any changes to this? It would be outstanding from a teacher point of view. It is very hard to see patterns in participation and work habits the way it is set up currently. It relies on the Teacher realising that Joe Bloggs hasn't turned in the last 3 assignments. In present lockdown, I found that one of my students hadn't turned in the last 4 assignments. I had no idea until I actually went searching for his work.   @Christopher Hoard 

See solution below :D


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Am I missing the point here? From my experience, you can go to the Grades tab and then see an overview of the Assignments of the whole class (team). In the Grades tab, when you click on a learner's name, you get a list of all that learner's assignments, with the option of going to any particular assignment.

Is there a different expectation?

@Marius Pretorius 


You have solved my initial problem yay! I am clearly no expert - Maybe this is one feature that needs to be discussed more because it reveals a lot of holes with my learners. 

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Hi @1MrsP - yes you can view all assignments for a single student in the Grades tab! Just go to the Grades tab and click on a student's name. More info:


If you're looking for more in-depth overall trends in Assignments and class participation, may I suggest you check out the new Class Insights tab. It is simple to setup and gives you actionable insights on digital activity, assignments, grades, and more! 


Select Digital activity tile in Class Insights dashboard


@Justin Chando From the teacher end how can I see an individual student's average if a kid wants their "grade"?  Ex. when I am in this Teams training course ( the very first image shows that I should be able to see averages. All I currently see are the scores for each assignment.

You click on grades, then on the student's name to see their assignments. You are also able to export the grades into Excel if that is useful for you, from there you can manipulate data however needed. @mgoto 

Thanks! I have done a lot of learning in this lockdown period in New Zealand :) @Justin Chando 

@1MrsP   You can add an extension called "insights" to the top of each channel (Next to Class Notebook) Click on the + sign.

Click below the calendar button on the left hand side ... the three dots ... open other extensions and find the one called "insights". Add it to your channel. The students cannot see it as it is only open to "organizers" - I think. 

It has data on assignments and all activity - and you can view when they came and left your lessons.