Unmute participants as the meeting organizer.

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When in a group meeting the organizer can mute the attendees. Is it also possible for the organizer to unmute an attendee?


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No it is not. And it is for purpose. You do not want to put people into situation that suddenly somebody unmute your microphone just in the middle of the conversation which should not be heard on that particular meeting...or maybe even worse thing that people can do during the meeting :) All participants can unmute themselves when needed and desired. In Teams client it is easy clicking on the icon and over PSTN bridge or Video Interop Gateway it is about combination of keys, feature code. Like #4 for example for BlueJeans Video gateway I believe.

@DaveChomi it makes sense as you said for people but for GW interop it is an issue, at least for Bluejeans it doesn't work (option *4). Does anybody has unmute working on the GW interop?

Yes sure. I did. For BJ gateway it was #4 as I described. Being the BJ participant and being muted you will get notification about the feature code that will make you again unmuted. Try it ;)

As a special education teacher I work with students who have multiple disabilities.  It would be nice to be able to unmute the participants as a group.  Currently after teaching a lesson I need to call individual homes to have another person come and unmute my students who are unable to physically unmute themselves.  I understand the original reason for not allowing the unmute all as an option but as this platform becomes a more integral part of teaching it would be nice to have different options.  Like the raise your hand option is great but again is limited to those who have physical disabilities.  @DaveChomi 

Same issue here @dietcokecrazy .  Also representing providers of a disabled population, unmuting is critical to providing services. 


Would a one-time consent each session be an outrageous idea? 


@mitchsigman @DaveChomi 

We work with dementia patients and they are unable to unmute themselves. We need to be able to mute and unmute them when needed. Can you please add this feature?


@dietcokecrazyI agree!! I am a SPED educator as well and I am running into this problem daily!! I almost want to use ZOOM now because muting and unmuting participants is so quick and easy on ZOOM. I already taught my parents to get on Teams, but may have to also teach them to use ZOOM as muting/unmuting is very important when teaching our SPED population.

Hello all:


Whenever there is a feature that you'd like to see added to Teams, please enter that request on the Uservoice feedback forum at, where others can vote on it as well.  The more votes a suggestion gets, the more attention it will get from engineering (assuming it's feasible).  You can also track its progress from there as well.  Thank you for being active members of the Teams community.

@ThereseSolimeno Even we think this can enabled for schools and colleges.

As a Kindergarten teacher, it would be very helpful to be able to unmute a student.  When I ask a student a question, they may not know how to unmute or may not think to unmute before speaking.  They then don't want to repeat what was already said.  Also, many of my students would unmute themselves right after I muted them.  Not to say anything, mind you, but it was a distraction when there would be a lot of background noise.  It would be helpful for teachers to have more control over muting and unmuting.  

@dietcokecrazyI agree.  I am virtually teaching Kindergarten-5th grade severe and profound students.  It is impossible for them to unmute themselves, but the often need muted so the rest of the class can't hear what is going on in the home.  This is a huge hindrance to my teaching as muting is basically not an option. I would think this is a similar concern for many early elementary teachers. 

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@Mrs_Leach Hello Megan, this is coming!


Microsoft Teams: Hard audio mute


Hard mute students audio in a meeting (so they cannot unmute themselves)



It is a concern and Microsoft Teams does not seem to care about how smoothly early childhood teachers can facilitate a lesson

I assure  you, @williamkuehnle that this is a priority along with the numerous other features/fixes that customers have requested.  I urge you to vote on the Uservoice items:

@ChristianBergstrom   When is this coming?  I am pulling my hair out because they mute themselves and then don't answer questions, I don't really know if they are there or not.  Also is there a way to  split the screen so I can see them while I share a screen?

Teams cannot be used effectively in schools unless we can unmute children. We should not have to vote for something that makes the product usable. Nor should we need to wait as this is an urgent issue for all schools delivering remote learning. 

@J_Gray825 Hello, you have many options available right now! (see my previous reply above as well).


'Keeping students safe while using Teams for distance learning'

(note the tabs for admin/educator/policy quick guide)

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