Teams Video on iPad Keeps turning Off

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My kids have begun using MS Teams for remote learning this year.  On their iPads (7th generation) with the latest updates as of today 9/15/2020.  


Whenever there is a class meeting their video and audio (but mostly video) constantly turns off by itself and they have to manually hit the button to start their video or audio again.  This constantly happens during the meeting and since I haven't heard back from the district I figured I'd come here and ask.  It's pretty hard to keep telling them to turn their video on every 10-15 seconds.  Anyone had this issues before? The camera works fine with photos and using video for other apps.  

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@thanesq My child is having the same issue in the 4th grade virtual classroom. I'm not noticing it with other students, but repeatedly losing the webcam is frustrating, especially when it restarts just fine manually.


Hoping adding a reply to this will get the attention for someone with a solution. Did your district's tech team find a fix for you, by chance?