Teams Templates Missing for Education version of Teams

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When creating a new Team in a Microsoft 365 Education tenant, there is a nice short list of templates geared towards school needs. That is great, however there are a few templates that I would like to use that are available to standard business 365 tenants. For example, I would like to use the helpdesk template. I see these standard templates in the Teams Admin center, they are assigned to the default Teams template policy and are not hidden. However, when I create a Team, I only see Class, PLC, Staff, and Other as template options. There is no option to view other available templates.


How can I use the Helpdesk template that is in the list of templates in the Teams Admin Center? The Helpdesk template specifically could be beneficial for IT personnel.


Thank you for your time. So far my research has not revealed any answers beyond the standard Microsoft instructions for creating Teams using the templates.

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