Teams EDU for Company Training?

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Greetings to all,


I have an apparently unique use case.  A portfolio company (non-edu) has an educational component for on-boarding new employees complete with quizzes (built in Microsoft Forms)  This user wants a set-up where she can see the scores and a link to their responses.  We've tried this with Flow and no-go on getting scores or a link, Excel requires creating a new document every time someone takes a quiz and so that's not going to work, and we've tried brute-forcing the URL to the response and all with no luck.  On top of that, because it's a portfolio company, many of the users aren't in the same tenant, so we can't even force collect names and emails.


Cue me getting a dev EDU tenant so I can develop training around this great offering (former educator of 10 years).  I see that through assignments, you can get basically what this company is looking for, so I have two main questions:

  • What is the exact requirement to get an EDU license?  If you are using for education within a company, could that qualify you?  
  • I know you can't enroll guests as students, so would adult learners qualify as students who could get free EDU licenses so that they can be students in just this context?

I'm not trying to game any system, but there just isn't much functionality for quizzes in Forms on the purely business side, but there is a need that I can't imagine is unique to just this one company.


Thanks in advance for any guidance you may have!

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