Teams assignment, teacher is unable to edit documents

Steel Contributor

Some questions on assignments in Teams:


1. When a student creates a new Word document for an assignment via Teams, the metadata is not properly initialized: the author of the document is Mattie Carlson (one of your software engineers according to linkedin). :)


2. After a student turns in a Word document, the teacher can review it, add feedback. There is also an edit button available for the teacher above the document (which is useful to add comments in the document itself). But based on our tests, the teacher is unable to save the document after editing. When using Word Online, no error is shown but edits were not saved/visible. When using Word, a "save as" dialog was shown because the original document was read-only. When saving the document as a new document, the document wasn't visible to either the student or teacher afterwards.


Can you confirm this is a bug or are we missing something?



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