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I would like to ask several questions here:


first one concerns Forms in Teams:

I’m the owner of a team and I made a tab for a quiz. 
I played also the role of Member or student and filled in the quiz. 
I saw then the results of what I answered and what the correct answers were. 
In the role of teacher or owner I evaluate the results and I put in a personal feedback for every student. 
However, when I go back in the role of student or member, I would like to see the results of the answers given again and also the personal feedback of the teacher. 
But this is not the case: as a student or member, I see the quiz again where the answers I gave earlier are emptied and I have to fill in the form again. 
I would like to see the results of the student for each individual student when I’m logged in as a student. 
Could you please solve this problem? 

I hereby send a document with some print screens...


2nd problem:

I have have a problem with assignments in Teams:
I first made some assignments, then added members to the team, but now I see that only 2 of the 5 members of the team can see the assignment.
What must I do differently to be able for each member to view all the assignments please?
Another question: when organising a team-meeting: how many people can be viewed in video-conferencing in teams?

Thanks for your reply and help! 
Kind regards

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Sounds like you would like Forms integration with Assignments? You could also just create the Form outside Teams and add the link within the class team.


2nd problem: This is the way assignments work, you need to add the students to the class before assigning. If they need the assignment you will be able to create a new assignment and assign to only those who didn't already receive it. You can read about this and more on my blog


Within a video meeting I think you should be able to have 250 participants, the image will vary with the activity in the team (who is talking).

Thank you for your reply!

The answers of the 2nd and 3rd question are clear.

However, concerning my first question: i don't want to add forms in assignments. I already made a quiz using Forms through the app Forms and then used the link to the form as a new tab within teams.

However the problem is the following: when a student fills in the form, he immediately sees the results. But as a teacher after reviewing, putting in feedback and posting scores using Forms-app, the student afterwards goes within Teams to the tab of the quiz or form and the form is empty instead of the fact that he actually should see the results and feedback of the teacher...

Thanks for the help!

You could most likely solve this by creating the form in a certain way (one answer each, require logon etc), and then link to the form instead of adding a tab. The recently announced Forms in Assignments integration will however align this with all other assignments, giving teachers all feedback, results and more in one place.
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Hi Mieke


I'll speak to question 1 and question 3:


Question 1:

From my experience (only from a creator not end user of Forms), if you used the Forms tab to link your Quiz within the Channel, then your tab will always show the quiz regardless (it will give you a warning message if you cannot do the same quiz more than once).


I don't know of a solid way to get the students their individual results when viewing a tab except to use the (Share) Quiz weblink and add a Website tab using the URL within the Channel.


This way when students login, they can do the Quiz and then when you post the results and they look at the Quiz tab again, they will see your response and comments (see image).


I did the Quiz in this tab and submitted. I waiting for the results from the assessor, and then I opened the tab again to see the results above.I did the Quiz in this tab and submitted. I waiting for the results from the assessor, and then I opened the tab again to see the results above.


You will also need to consider the quiz settings (in your quiz, click onto the ... > Settings) so that you can ensure that the students must wait for you to post the results rather than (by default) having the results shown (see image).


If Show results automatically is on, the students will see the result immediately after submitting. If it's off, you can assess and post the results when ready!If Show results automatically is on, the students will see the result immediately after submitting. If it's off, you can assess and post the results when ready!


Question 3:

My understanding is:

  1. *Team meeting limit is 80 in a session.
  2. #If you want to do video chat, limit is currently 80 although there is work being done to bring that to 250 in line with Skype (unless it's already happened and I missed the announcement)?

Here are the references to read for the above:


 # (see the last comment by @Steven Collier made about a month and a half ago in the Microsoft Teams forum on this site.


Hope this helps and best wishes with your work.




Thank you so much for the clarity of solving the first problem and info for my 3rd question!!!


Kind regards!

Hi Miele

It is my pleasure to assist and thanks goes to Magnus for his contributions too.

Hope it goes well for you and your students!


@Damien Rosario I've never seen a different limit for video as opposed to audio etc. in a meeting, to my knowledge 80 is the current supported figure. Logically there isn't any difference, it's only sending you 4 streams of video at once.


The Teams plan is still to get to 250 users very soon.


To go beyond that you switch to a broadcast meeting, more like a oneway webinar, again coming very soon.

Ooops. That was meant to say 80 as referenced in your post as well as the limitations doc (will edit for correct number)!

My bad on the typo. Good pick up Steven!


A big thank you to everybody who replied and helped me!