Teachers Directed to Create New Links Every Friday

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At our latest Educational Technologist Meeting for Seattle Public Schools teachers were advised to create new Teams meeting links for their classes every Friday because the links degrade. Is this correct?  I myself have six meetings per day with various groups of students which I personally invite through their school email. I also invite their parent emails because they are first graders and the parents are actually the ones managing calendars.  I'm imagining the work load increase for teachers and confusion for families if we cancel and recreate class meetings each Friday. Doesn't seem right. It was noted in the meeting that the things happening below with "old links" also happen with brand new links. Thoughts? Is this guidance accurate? Do meeting links need to be replaced each week?


  • TEAMS meeting links need to be replaced often. The district recommends a new TEAMS link every week. Apparently, depending on how much data you use (in the chat, sharing your screen, etc.), your link with denigrate over time. The more you use, the faster it denigrates. This will result in the following types of events: kids locked in a lobby that you can’t see, unable to admit students, kids repeatedly kicked out, etc.,. You might get more time out of your link, but they recommend weekly updates.
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