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I have another issue I would like some feedback on. Logged in as a student, I was able to delete files from the Files Channel that were put there by the teacher (me) a few minutes earlier. And when the "student" deleted them they were deleted from my teacher page as well where I was administering the class from. Why is that possible?

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@MikeBrady : For student read-only files, might be more appropriate.


The Files tab in general mirrors all Documents stored in the underlying SharePoint group site and creates separate folders for Files related to each channel. It was intended for collaboration scenarios and does not put any additional restrictions on who can edit/delete vs not.

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You need to ensure, you set students as members and in Team settings, Member can delete files (should be unchecked ). The changes should reflect in 5-10 minutes, then post that test please and let me know, if it works.



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Member can delete files (should be unchecked ).

Is this a new setting that is coming out? It is not available in my version. See below for my possible Teams settings for members. "Members can delete files" is not there. I'm using Microsoft Teams for Education, Desktop app.



@MikeBrady members have modify permissions by default. You can change this by going to the sharepoint library and changing the library permissions. Delete the permissions for "Members - *Team name* and re-add them with read only permissions.