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Hi all, are you typically adding your students as Members or Guests in your Teams, and if the former, are you turning off any specific permissions?


Also, what is the best way to set up a facility in Teams whereby each student (and the teacher(s)) has edit access to a particular document, but the student cannot see other students' documents? My plan would be to have an online Word doc function as an e-copybook, that students would update with any class writing, or assignments, and I as the teacher would be able to comment and correct the file. Would it be best to set up a folder for each student rather than a file? and can the permissions be set by the users or can it be automated (I want to avoid my having to create 100 folders/files and set the permissions on each one by one).





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@NoelF  it depends on whether its and event or an ongoing class or club discussion. If it is an event we add  them as guest. If the Team is a student club for example we add them as members if they are members of the club. If they are students of the college or the center we are at, but not members of t hat specific student club, we add then as guests. We also add channels to events, classes, and clubs. 


Regarding your idea of the Word doc, I assume that you do not want students to see the corrections or comments you make to other student papers or work you are doing with that student so think permissions. A file usually holds more than one doc so if you are going to have multiple docs to work on together during the semester you can do a folder or put in SharePoint list or library.  

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@NoelF we have all of our students as members, populated by SDS. Permissions wise it depends on the teacher / class setting. Some prefer to disable chat in the channels for everyone except the teacher, some prefer to have discussion channels etc.

Regarding your 2nd question, it sounds like you would be best using Class Notebook. You can use it to push page(s) out to all students and then quickly mark / assess them using the built in marking navigation tool. Students cannot see eachother's sections, you can see all of them, and you can make collaboration & read-only areas for your shared content. If Class Notebook isnt an option, you will have to play around with the document library permissions.

@jfsuarez8 Thanks for the playing around with and learning more about Teams, I found that the Class Notebook does a lot of what I was looking for. Each student has full access to their folder alone, whereas I as the teacher have edit access to all student folders. All I'm missing is to be able to edit the OneNote files (created by students in their folders), in Word. (As an aside I set up the Team as a Teacher team (and not class) so don't have the Assignments option). Teams has its good points but not being able to change theTeam type is a downside.





@NoelF Thanks, much appreciated. I / we have not utilized Class Notebook very much to date although we are looking to start soon. Interesting challenges you are having. Something for us to be aware of. You're right, Teams has some very good points but it does have some real downsides as well. 


We have attempted to use Teams for online class use during Covid. Had too many issues. We ended up just using Blackboard. 

@NoelF "what is the best way to set up a facility in Teams whereby each student (and the teacher(s)) has edit access to a particular document, but the student cannot see other students' documents?"

Assignments to the rescue!

Assignments are a powerful tool which can be used in a variety of ways. With Assignments you can do exactly what you have stated. Assignments have different features:

  • You can add a document that you want your learners to change
  • And/Or they can add one or more documents of their own
  • After attaching documents the teacher and student both have access to the document
  • When they submit - you see that they are done. The teacher can edit but the student cannot - unless they
    • "Undo submit" which is possible before the deadline if the teacher hasn't returned it yet
    • "Resubmit" which is possible before the deadline after the teacher has returned it

If you want to simply use it as a "space" where students save documents to which you and they (individually) have access - there is nothing to prevent you from creating an "open assignment" with no deadline and no restrictions. I think there is a limit of 10 documents per assignment per student.