Scheduled assignments not being released

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I created all the assignments for my class at the start of term, and set release dates for each one to be 2 weeks prior to the due date. Students report they prefer this to having to sift through all of the term's assignments showing at once. This worked fine for my summer course, and for the first part of fall term. However, as of November the assignments have not been auto-releasing on their scheduled dates. I confirmed I got the day and year correct; when I go to edit the assignments, Teams appears to think the release date is still in the future, as it says "Assignment is scheduled to post on..." even when that date has passed. 


Has anyone else experienced this, and found a workaround? The obvious workaround is not to pre-schedule things, but it would be nice if this feature worked, consistently.

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Yes, I am experiencing the exact same issue.  I set up all my assignments at the beginning of the semester back in August with scheduled releases.  The assignments were released without any problems till November.  Then they would not be released at the scheduled time and when I check it after the scheduled release time, it would have an error message asking me to set a release date and time in the future.