Private channel won't display onenote section, only main class notebook

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After creating private channels, I go to add a 'OneNote' tab and include a specific section in the 'Collaboration Space' just for that channel. But it won't ever display the right section, it only ever displays the main Class Notebook.

I tried setting it up every possible way:

  1. create the private channel, add the tab, create the section right then
  2. Create the private channel, but create the section directly through OneNote, and then just select it when adding the tab in the private channel
  3. Create the section directly through OneNote, then create the Private Channel, and then select the relevant section when adding the tab

The behavior occurs both in the app and through the web-based version of Teams. However, on occasion, the right section will show up, but as soon as you navigate away and try again, it reverts back to only showing the main "Class Notebook".

This has happened to me, multiple colleagues, and my colleague's students. Additionally, the behavior occurs on my old Teams from previous semesters, that did previously work properly. Same for my colleague.


I posted about this over in the main Teams community, but given the use case thought there may be more help here as well. Over there, they seem to be unable to replicate the problem on their end and so I am wondering if this is an institutional level issue (i.e., our IT folks screwed something up with Sharepoint, etc.)

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