Parent access to student assignments

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When will we be able to give a parent access to view the student's assignments

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Great request. Parent access is a feature are we've investigated quite a bit and have some ideas, but nothing concrete planned at this time. We would probably build it on the guest access infrastructure. Thanks for the feedback.

Okay, because for right now, the teachers have to do the posting of assignments twice, once in Teams and then once again in our SIS, Rediker, so the parents can see them.  Teachers are very upset about this.

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Parental access to assignments is quite a big thing  in schools, and it is one of the issues that could stop teams being used as much as it could be by teachers.



It is one of the blocking factors for our schools leadership team.

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Any concrete update on inclusion of parent communication feature? Correct me if I am wrong, this is still not on MS roadmap for O365





This is a major factor for our school community, teachers need parents to have visibility of what assignments are being set.


We don't see this as a nice to have, its an essential feature request that if not fulfilled may drive schools back to using third party homework apps rather that fully integrate with Teams.


Can you please advise when this will be on the road map?


Kevin Rennie

I am helping develop the use of Teams in a number of schools and the absence of an automatic facility for notifying parents about class homework assignments is a real concern.  We really do need the ability to register a parents email address and to have Teams automatically notify the list of parents for a give class when assignments are set and their due date etc.  Of course teachers can do this manually but we really need an automated process please.  Ideally this would  be integrated into our school data, management system which is already used to provision class Teams adding the teacher and pupils.  Having the ability to also pickup a parent/guardians email address and configure that for notifications would be excellent.  There is no requirement for parents to have the ability to view the full details of any assignment as they can do this by asking their child to show it to them.

I would like parent access to Microsoft Teams as well since parents already have this with apps and stuff for Google Classroom.

@Dan StevensonAdding this feature is vital to the continued use of Teams in Education. Administrators want all teachers to have parent access to viewing assignments. I'm concerned that I will have to stop using Teams if this feature isn't added. Let us know as soon as it is.

Yes! Pain in the rear. The parents need to be able to see if their student has actually turned in the assignments.   @Brian Jones